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Kajaste Art Eesti

Roosikrantsi 3
3.krs/3rd floor
10119 Tallinn


Kajaste Art Suomi

Mäkelänkatu 56
2.krs/2nd floor
00510 Helsinki


Kajaste Art Nederland

Amsterdam Center
The Netherlands


Kajaste Art Österreich

Wels Center

Briefly in english

Briefly in english

Kajaste Art is a European wide chain of tattoo studios specialized in realistic and photorealistic tattooing operating in Tallinn Estonia and Helsinki Finland, but also in The Netherlands, Austria, and France as a pop-up concept.

The Team of Kajaste Art consists at this moment of six regular tattoo artists, and a body modification / piercing artist.
All of our tattoo artists work at all of Kajaste Art -studios, so you can book an appointment to any of the artists to a Kajaste Art studio of your choice.

Our studios are open from monday through sunday but with an appointment only. You can book your appointment by contacting the artist of your choice directly, or using the general contact info of the shop if you haven’t decided on your artist yet. You’ll find the contact information from the bottom of this page.

All of our tattoo artists are specialized in realistic and photorealistic tattooing in black and gray and in color and designing and executing larger custom projects. Our tattoos are mainly done based on photographs even though some of our tattooists enjoy occasionally doing tattoos of other styles as well. The portfolios of all of our artists can be found from Artistit -page, and also from Instagram and Facebook.


Jari Kajaste
+358 40 053 9550 / jari@kajasteart.fi
Jari speaks Finnish and english.
Instagram: @jari_kajaste
Facebook: Jari Kajaste

Arttu Vaarala
Arttu speaks Finnish and basic english.
Instagram: @arttuvaarala
Facebook: Vaarala Tattoo

Jan Axel
+358 44 987 2600 / jan@kajasteart.fi
Jan speaks swedish, Finnish and english.
Instagram: @janaxeltattoo
Facebook: Jan Axel Tattoo art

Matti Kattilakoski
+358 46 532 2120 / matti@kajasteart.fi
Matti speaks Finnish and english.
Instagram: @mattitattoo
Facebook: Matti Tattoo art


Samuel Boman
+358 40 834 0459 / samuel@kajasteart.fi
Samuel speaks Finnish and english.
Instagram: @samuelbomann
Facebook: Samuel Boman Tattoo

Julia Pylsy
+358 44 972 3603 / juulia_annamaria@hotmail.com
Julia speaks Finnish and english.
Instagram: @juliapylsy
Facebook: Julia Pylsy

Miss Scarrific
Miss Scarrific aka Joan speaks french, english and dutch.
Facebook: Miss Scarrific


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